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The Inflation Versus Deflation Debate

Posted by Kristjan Velbri | Posted in Economy | Posted on 03-10-2009

Jim Puplava, the host of Financial Sense Newshour, has given prominent inflationists and deflationists an opportunity to make their case over a period of several weeks. Each week, one side has been given the microphone and this week, Jim gave his own view of the matter. Anyone who has listened to Financial Sense Newshour even once knows that Jim is on the side of inflationists, but fortunately for the listeners he is such a good interviewer that this little fact hasn’t influenced the quality of the debate. During the interviews, he throws inflationary arguments at deflationists and deflationary arguments at inflationists. He also makes a lot of cross references during the interviews, which adds a lot to the overall quality of the whole debate.

In one of the latter interviews, Jim explains what criteria he used to choose the participants. Of course, I’m not going to rewrite all of it, but here are a few notes: the person had to have strong arguments, had to have a book out of the topic (which means that his views are well established) and had to be consistent with his position (he did not accept guests who were inflationists one day and deflationists the day after).

Overall, the interviews were top quality, the only one that I didn’t like was when Jim had two guests at the same time. They couldn’t agree on the terms, which means they were talking about different things. The most powerful and argumentative interviews were the ones with Marc Faber and Robert Precther. They both have very convincing arguments and listening to those two interviews is guaranteed to broaden your understanding of inflation and deflation. In case you are wondering, I am an inflationist.

The interviews can be downloaded here: the inflation/deflation debate at Financial Sense. PS. Some interview links haven’t been activated yet on the inflation page, you can reach them here.

- Robert Precther (mp3)
- Harry S. Dent (mp3)
- Michael ‘Mish’ Shedlock (mp3)

- Peter Schiff (mp3)
- Dr. Marc Faber (mp3)
- Daniel Amerman (mp3)

Conclusion to the debate:
- Part I mp3 & Part II mp3


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